Our Vision

To promote accountability in public institutions and larger corporations and through that bring about a fairer balance in the availability and access of opportunities for all sexes and ages. To support victims of rape and other forms of domestic violence, and to bring about the independence of women and young persons in a bid to permanently eradicate poverty.

Our Mission Statement

To support the formal and informal education of women and young persons across the globe – particularly those living in African countries.

To provide counselling, legal and financial support for victims of rape and other forms of domestic violence whatever their sexes and ages.

To lead interventions aimed at supporting parents and caregivers in communities with low levels of education for female children and young persons so as to get many more children, young persons and women educated.

To monitor and advocate for government agencies and larger corporate bodies to design and implement long term action plans towards providing equitable and just environments for socially excluded persons to participate equally in sustainable wealth creation and power sharing.

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